Hello from BEPRO!
Today we are launching some big updates that will allow you to:

- Experience more of BEPRO, for free 🙌
- Get your own team set up and using BEPRO faster than ever before 🏃

Below we highlight four key updates that we’d like to share with you.
Now let’s get started...

#1. New, Expanded (Free!) Demo

Our new demo allows you to experience (almost) everything that BEPRO has to offer, for free, across web and mobile.

Within it you will find three example matches and a training session. These include match video that has been captured with a BEPRO Camera System to help you imagine how BEPRO could help you and your team.

We’ve also opened many more features for you, including our Editor, where you can create your own clips and add drawings over video.

Put BEPRO to the test with our sample match and training and training sessions!

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#2. Set Up Your Team and Start Using BEPRO, Right Now!

You can now create your team in BEPRO and start using our service straight away, without requiring the BEPRO Team to provide permission.

It’s easy to set everything up through our app or website, you can start using BEPRO straightaway with your team thanks to our 14-day free trial!

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#3. Get Your Team Involved with Simple Team Member Management

Our latest updates make it easy for you to create a team and invite your staff and players to BEPRO.

Quickly invite new members with an invitation link! ✉️

Accept or reject join requests, set member roles and remove those who have left the team to ensure your video and data remain secure. 🛡️

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#4. Create events & upload videos from mobile

We know coaches, staff and players are constantly on the move.

You can now create and edit scheduled events as well as upload event videos from within the BEPRO mobile app (including video taken from a mobile device)! ️📅
If you’re a BEPRO Fixed Camera System user, you can now schedule recordings easily from the app. 🎥
Create events for your team in BEPRO with our 14-day free trial!

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There’re many detailed changes so click the links to check the details about the updates!