Fixed Camera System

Sports tracking camera designed to be installed in a stadium or training facility.
Get the best view, anytime, without setting up.
4k panoramic video and automated tactical view.
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Automatic Recording
Live 4K Panoramic Video
FIFA Quality-Certified Optical Tracking
Multi-Device Access (PC, Tablet & Mobile)
Realtime Processing - Instant Play & Upload
Wireless Live Coding
Third Party Player Integration

What's Included

Automated Sports Camera System

Set up once, enjoy forever
  • BEPRO’s camera experts and contractors are on hand to support with installation
  • Automatically record an unlimited number of games or training sessions
  • Works in difficult conditions, whether close or far from the pitch, or from a high or low position

The Highest Video Quality, in Realtime

Watch and work with the 4k panoramic video instantly
  • Act in realtime, don't wait for the video to be processed
  • Play the highest quality live video in the 3D player across multiple devices through a wireless or wired connection
  • Cut clips, add graphics and share video to analyse your game as it happens

Be Your Own Camera Operator

Capture the perfect tactical video with ease
  • Our tactical feed follows the game, not the ball to provide the perfect view, live & automatically
  • Create your own clips with a custom view in our 3D player

Powerful Hardware and Reliable Software

The perfect combination of on-site and cloud technology
  • On-site camera network connection to minimise live video delay
  • Access live video across multiple devices, simultaneously
  • Watch live from anywhere through cloud livestreaming

Work with Your Team in Realtime

Improve your workflow through live collaboration
  • Individually play video and share clips across team staff, wherever they are with wireless and wired multi-device access

Best Value FIFA-Certified Optical Tracking Data

Collect tracking and physical data without GPS devices
  • Get FIFA-certified tracking and physical data without any uncomfortable wearable devices in all conditions
  • Get deeper data for both teams

Video in All Conditions and Expert BEPRO Support

Day or night, hot or cold, indoors or outdoors
  • Access the highest quality video in any condition regardless of camera position, weather, and light conditions
  • BEPRO experts monitor the condition of the camera and video quality for every recording to ensure you always get the best video possible

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BEPRO Software & Data Packages

Our sports camera systems are designed to work with our software.
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