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Event Analysis

Football data for every match event, with linked video.
Data is brought to life through interactive visualisations.
Save time with automated playlists and by loading pre cut clips into BEPRO Editor for further analysis.
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What's Included

Get the Level of Detail You Need

Your football match broken down into individual events
  • Your full match video analysed & organised to provide event data and video clips, available in real time or post match
  • Event data includes : Goals, Shots, Passes, Crosses, Setpieces and much, much more
  • Data collected according to FIFA definitions

Automated Player Highlights

Videos for all player actions generated from your match video
  • BEPRO analyses every player action
  • We create a video clip for each action and compile these into a full highlight video for each individual player
  • Just upload your video, BEPRO does the rest

Find Video Clips for Every Moment of the Match

Instantly find the clip you want
  • Search using powerful filters, including match time, player, event type and pitch area
  • Over 40 event types included
  • Save time and effort

Interactive Data Visualisations

With a linked video clip for every datapoint
  • Access a range of interactive visualisations within BEPRO
  • Event heat maps
  • Passing relationships
  • Events by time
  • Interactive event pitch map

Aggregated Team and Player Data

Understand development over multiple matches and seasons with data
  • Interactive visualisations highlight team playing styles, player strengths and development areas
  • Track development and compare players within and across teams with our interactive benchmark tool
  • Data linked to video

Football Data, Delivered at Speed

Live data in 30 seconds or post match within 24 hours
  • Standard match event analysis completed within 24 hours
  • Live analysis provides data in under 30 seconds, direct to the BEPRO platform, with an identical experience to post match analysis

Accurate and Consistent Data, Guaranteed

Data Collected by Experts
  • Analysts must pass a rigorous training and testing program, with only 28% applicants passing
  • Analyst certification recognised by the South Korean government
  • We use three analysts per match, one for the home team, one for the away and a third to check for any errors
  • Data collected according to FIFA football language definitions

Data Export

Export for use outside of BEPRO
  • XML or CSV format
  • Access through our API as an upgrade

Data Reports

Customisable data reports for offline use
  • Data tables
  • Passing maps
  • Goals and shots

Integration with Editor

Find the exact moment you want with ease
  • Powerful clip search and load function
  • Add drawings and annotations to provide tactical feedback
  • Save and share with a click

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