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Optical Tracking

Football tracking data captured through camera technology.
Get positional and physical data for all players, without wearables.
Football analytics software links data to video for visual evidence and telestration.
Works with any panoramic camera device.
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What's Included

Tracking and Physical Data for Every Player, on Both Teams

Data collected through reliable camera technology
  • No moment is missed due to faulty equipment
  • Actual data, not estimated
  • Having data for both teams provides greater context, which isn’t typically possible with GPS devices

Data-Powered Dynamic Visualisations

Interact with video and create telestration graphics
  • Trace and spotlight players
  • Connect players with lines and measure distances
  • View physical metrics like speed, distance and run intensity to add context to video
  • Export clips with graphics with Editor

The Industry’s Highest FIFA Certification Score

Positional data accurate to within 25cm
  • Achieved “Well-above industry standard” scores for majority of measurements, all scores “Above”
  • Highly accurate data generated from one camera unit, there’s no need for multiple camera systems
  • Results were delivered in under three hours

Physical Metrics without Wearables

Measure player effort and workload
  • Metrics include distance, speed, sprints and run intensity
  • Avoid relying on unreliable, obstructive wearable tracking devices

Advanced Off-Ball Data

See all player movements for deeper context
  • Deeper insights can be found through metrics that combine event and tracking data, such as line-breaking passes, pressing, packing and more
  • Our data can be easily combined since it comes from one provider

Raw Tracking Data

High quality data for your own research and models
  • FIFA-certified positional data collected for every individual video frame
  • Around three million data points collected for a 90-minute football match
  • Export physical data as a CSV

Integration with Editor

Find and create clips through tracking data
  • Import clips through physical data event filters such as sprints, intense runs and more
  • Automatically highlight and track players and show distance and speed
  • Cut, share and annotate clips with ease

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