Advanced Data Reports

Gain a deeper understanding of team and player performances with your own series of reports specific to your team or competition.
Benefit from football analytics, built on event and/or tracking data without having to employ your own data science team.
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What's Included

Football Analytics for Your Team

Get actionable insights from football data
  • Readymade, high quality, detailed reports
  • No need to spend time learning to code or use data tools yourself
  • Based on your team or competition’s event and/or tracking data (event data required as a minimum)

Varied, Interactive Data Reports

Access a wide range of information to get a complete picture
  • Reports cover both team and individual player performances
  • Access through web browser
  • Reports include:
    • Expected Goals Distribution
    • Playing Styles (built on sequence data)
    • Match Dominance (built on Expected Threat)
    • Passes per Defensive Action

Data Connected to Video

Get context through video
  • Our dashboards are linked to video through the BEPRO Cloud
  • Click on data points and visualisations to see video without leaving the report
  • Get greater context for data with visual evidence

Built on Quality Data

Detailed, consistent and accurate
  • Event data is collected by certified analysts and based on FIFA definitions
  • Tracking data collected through FIFA-certified camera technology
  • Reports can include metrics that combine both data types
Case Studies

BEPRO Data Reports Support K League Technical Team and their Season Report

Providing fans and teams with performance insights through advanced football data
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