We’ve completely rebuilt our demo experience so that you can try more of BEPRO, for free.

Within it you will find three example matches and a training session. These include video that has been captured with a BEPRO Camera System and a camcorder to help you imagine how BEPRO could help you and your team.

We’ve also opened many more features for you, including our Editor, where you can create your own clips and add drawings over video.Put BEPRO to the test with our sample match and training and training sessions!

👉 Try our new demo experience for yourself here

Check Out Example Match and Training Session Videos

Experience three different match videos, captured through BEPRO systems to help you understand how BEPRO could work for your team.

We’ve also included a training session recording for you to test within the demo.

👉 See our example match and training session videos

Demo Home Screen

Use BEPRO Editor

You can now try BEPRO Editor within our demo experience on your computer.
Create your own clips from our example videos, add drawings and load pre-analysed event clips.

👉 Try BEPRO Editor

BEPRO Editor in action

Try Our Event Analysis and Optical Tracking Package Features

Enjoy match event and tracking data and see how data can give you a greater understanding of player and team performances.

You can check out automated match highlights, individual video highlights for every player and find a video clip for every match moment through our powerful search function, all thanks to BEPRO’s match analysis service.

Use our interactive visualisations to bring data to life and try our integrated tracking graphics within our video 3D player.

👉 Check out our analysed demo match.

Analysed match overview page (left), BEPRO 3D Video Player with tracking graphics (right)

Communicate with Your Team Through Messenger

You can now also test our secure communication tool, BEPRO Messenger and see how easy it is to share video and feedback with everyone in your team across web and mobile app.

👉 Go to our Messenger Demo

Our demo team’s example Messenger chat

Get a better idea of how BEPRO could help your team through our brand new expanded demo.

If you have any questions whist you’r trying the demo, don’t hesitate to contact us through chat support or contact us using the form below. We’re happy to help!

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