You can now create and edit schedule events, and upload associated videos from a mobile device.

For anyone with a BEPRO Fixed Camera you can now schedule recordings easily on the go through your phone with our updated app.

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Create and Manage Scheduled Events on Mobile

Now you can create, edit, and delete match or training events from a mobile device.

Manage your team’s schedule from wherever you are and easily adapt to any changes as they happen.

Creating and editing a scheduled event

Easily Upload Videos Taken with Mobile Devices

There’s now no need to transfer a match or training video taken with a mobile device to a computer to upload it the BEPRO, you can now do it directly from your mobile device!

Upload a video taken with your mobile and share with your team members right after the game.

Mobile video upload

Schedule Fixed Cam Recordings with Mobile Device

Got a BEPRO Fixed came installed at your facility? Schedule upcoming matches or training sessions from your mobile device with the new BEPRO app.

It’s also simple to update any scheduled recording, so no worries if you need to make changes or cancel a recording.

Scheduling a recording

Our latest updates make it easy for you to manage your team’s schedule on the go, upload match and training videos directly from your mobile device and schedule fixed cam recordings.

Manage your team’s schedule with any device, anywhere, anytime!

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