Our latest updates make it easy for you to create a team and invite your staff and players to BEPRO.
Add other users so they can start using BEPRO and improve their performances through video collaboration.

- Quickly invite new members with an invitation link
- Accept or reject join requests
- Set member roles
- Remove those who have left the team to ensure your video and data remain secure.

👉 Set up your team and invite your team mates

Send an Invitation Link to Your Team Members

We’ve made it easy for you to add your teammates to your team in BEPRO.

Just click the “Copy Invite Link” button located in the more menu at the top of your team page to copy the invitation link and send it to your team members!

Members can only join through a link to help keep your team more secure.

Creating an invitation link within BEPRO

Approve or Reject Join Requests

Admin and Staff members will receive join requests after a teammate has clicked their invitation link.

You can approve or reject the request from within the “Members” page in web or the “Join Requests” page in the mobile app.

Users won’t be able to join the team without your approval, giving you greater control and security.

Manage join request screen

Manage Member Roles or Remove Them from the Team

It’s easier than ever before to change the role of your team members.

You can choose between “Admin”, “Staff” or “Viewer” depending on what you want them to have access to.

It’s also simple to remove members if they’ve left the team or if you’ve mistakenly approved their request.

Team member management in BEPRO

It’s super easy to manage your team members, wherever you are thanks to our latest updates.

Set up your team and start managing your team members so you can all benefit from our 14-day free trial!

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