Looking to improve your teams performance? Want to easily store, analyse and share your match and training videos?

We’ve made it easier than ever before to create your team in BEPRO. You no longer need to wait for us to provide permission before you can start using our service.

What can you do with Basic Package?
- Organise your videos 📼
- Breakdown longer videos into clips ✂️
- Draw over video for feedback ✏️
- Share video and communicate with your team members 👬

👉 Why not create your team in BEPRO and enjoy our 14-day free Basic Package now!

Set Up Your Team and Start Using BEPRO Straightaway

You can now create your team in BEPRO and start using our service straight away, without requiring us to provide permission.Whatever your sport, you can create a team in BEPRO and try us for 14 days, for free!

👉 Create you team here

New team creation screen

Upload Your Team’s First Video

Already got a video of a previous match or training session?

Quickly create a scheduled event and upload the associated video.

We organise your scheduled events by type (match or training) and date so everything is easy to find for everyone on your team.

Our demo team’s scheduled events within BEPRO

Edit Videos with BEPRO Editor and Share via Messenger!

Download BEPRO Editor to start creating clips from your teams match and training videos.

You can add drawings over clips, save them to your library and share them with your team mates through Messenger, all from within Editor!

They can then view and communicate with you and other members through Messenger, across web and mobile app.

Creating a clip with BEPRO Editor (left), sharing it via Messenger (right)

Filming your games? Struggling to know what to do with these videos? Do you have a way to easily turn these into smaller clips and share them with your team?

Our Basic Package solves all these problems, making your team’s workflow more efficient whilst saving you and your team time and money.

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