This World Cup saw some amazing stories unfold on the pitch, from group stage shocks, to intense penalty shoot outs and arguably the greatest final in living memory as Messi’s Argentina lifted the trophy.

Bepro data helped bring these stories to life, as partners around the world used it to power and enrich their content and better engage their audiences across different content. 

We’ve rounded up some of the best examples for you below. If you’re interested in having access to this type of data for your team or media outlet, you can get in touch with us here.

Social Media

The Coaches Voice, an UK-based online coaching platform followed by over 250k people across Twitter and Instagram, used our Expected Goals data to highlight England’s performances at both ends of the pitch, as they scored more and conceded fewer than you’d expect.  

This tweet shows how England were performing well, based on xG, after the round of 16.

Sports Data Campus, a long time Bepro partner, offers Masters degrees focused on data and analytics in sport. Their students were provided with access to raw event data, from which they created an extensive range of content which they shared across their social media channels (especially their Twitter).

Scout Analyst provides data consultancy services for football. Jesús Lagos, one of the founders used Bepro data to see if he could measure the movement of players without tracking data. Specifically he looked at Messi, who is often seen walking or jogging around the pitch to find or stay in space. Warning - he managed to achieve his aims rather well!

Link to Twitter thread

Match Reports

In partnership with Tsukuba University, Japanese newspaper Asahi Shinbun (Japanese, English) produced detailed match reports from our data to help their millions of readers gain more context on what happened on the pitch. They also provided their readers with an overview of Bepro and how we work with and support sports teams through technology.

Renowned football expert Adrien Tarascon produced detailed and insightful reports for NOSOTROS, a French language coaching education platform for football. Focusing on the French team, Bepro data was used to find interesting discussion points and back-up opinion.

UE - Real Madrid Graduate School, a Spanish-based university, with a heavy sports-focus, created match reports for each quarter-final, using data from the Bepro API to review playing styles, previous goals and key players. They also shared the content in social media, gaining over 50k impressions, which they were very impressed with.

Examples from their match report

Also from Spain, data consultancy Piperlab took Bepro data to create reports for their national team, for example this report following the final. They used a combination of raw event data and match reports to demonstrate their ability to manipulate data and use it to tell a story.


In Japan (where the JFA use Bepro), our business Director Eiji Takeda was interviewed twice for TV, firstly for Abema TV then for Nihon Television. In both cases he introduced Bepro before using our World Cup data to explain (at that point) Japan's success in Qatar.

Eiji Takeda, our Japanese Business Manager, on Japanese TV

Interactive Match Centre

Jesús from Scout Analyst also created an impressive interactive match centre, powered by Bepro event data, allowing uses to review player radars, individual player data, detailed shot visuals and much more. It’s definitely worth seeing for yourself!

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