As the oldest professional football team in the world, Notts County have 160 years of history, during which they've competed across five different tiers of English football and win the FA Cup.

Today they compete in the National League and are focused on returning to the football league.

We spent time with County's men's first team to hear about their workflow and how technology supports their push for promotion. We spoke with both staff and players to get an understanding of how technology allows them to do more with the time they have, whether breaking down a match, discussing performances as a group, or staff providing 1:1 feedback to players.

João Alves with player Adam Chicksen


Ian Burchnall, Head Coach
"(Video Analysis) is evolving a lot and that's only good for the development of the players in the league, that teams further down the pyramid are able to access really good resources around analysis."


João Alves, First Team Tactical Analyst
 "We'll go into the changing room, the (Head Coach) will speak about the key messages that he wants to send, then again we'll have an opportunity to put in some smaller bits of the players with a picture which is great, I think that gives us actually a lot of buy-in, I've found when we don't have video that the message can get lost."

Adam Chicksen, Player
Without seeing it you don't know how you're going to progress…I'm learning stuff at 30 which I'm happy about if I'm going to stay ahead of youngsters to the team, ahead of everyone else, I need to know that I've got these tools available to use."


Watch the full video below: (*Subs : English & Korean)