Goyang KH FC started their first ever season in the Korean 4th division only last December, going on to win the league trophy before the season ended and enjoy promotion to the 3rd division.

Most of the team’s players work full-time in public service and are reservists for the Korean army. This means they have to train in the evenings after work. Because of this, Head Coach Bae and his staff must efficiently prepare for matches and adopt technology to maximise the time available to them.

Their Pre-Match Routine

The analysts analyse their last game while investigating their upcoming opponent. The match data, available to download as a CSV file, and also connected to video clips, enables them to quickly find and focus on the key ideas affecting the match.

At the same time the players train based on their own team’s style and tactics.

The analysts analyse Goyang’s play from the last game, review the opponent's analysis report and create a 20 minute video that highlights the key analytical points that their team needs to be aware of. Head Coach Bae and his coaches then reflect the analysis results in training whilst also thinking about how to combine them with their match day tactics. This provides weapons to be used against the upcoming opponents.

Goyang KH FC’s match event videos and data

They prepare for the game by working together at Goyang Stadium before kickoff, which involves more than just a training session. Coaches deliver personalised videos to players via messenger or email to review their play, this allows the players to more clearly understand about how to play for the team through visual evidence and personalised training.

Head Coach Bae explaining a tactical idea to his players

“The match is about facing your opponent. Our own playing style is important, if we apply the results of our analysis in preparation for the opposing team, we can truly play our own game.”
Head Coach Bae

Winning Football Matches and Dominating the League

The team secured many victories thanks to some extraordinary performances, opening up a big gap with the other teams in the league and was confirmed as a champion and promotion well before the season had finished. (22 wins, 2 draws, 7 defeats.)

Showing Respect to Their Opponents

Goyang KH FC always clean each opponent’s locker room after using it in away games and leave a thank you message.

On the day the team became champions, their opponents and their fans also applauded them off the field!

-Thank you for letting us use your facility. We wish you all the best.-
The message that Goyang left at their opponent’s locker room after cleaning.