We’ve been working with ambitious J League newcomers, FC Imabari, since 2020 to help them find a performance edge through video and data.

A Local Football Team with Big Ambitions 

Anyone visiting FC Imabari, on the Japanese island of the same name, will immediately be taken aback by the local community’s connection to the club and the shared desire to bring pride to the region through success on the pitch.

Owned by legendary former Japanese international player and head coach Takeshi Okada, Imabari currently play in J3, having won promotion from the JFL in 2019. building on this, the club has a vision of gaining promotion to J1 in the coming seasons and wants to achieve this through playing an attractive brand of football and through the fostering of young footballing talent.

Following the success of an initial partnership in 2019, the club entered a three-year deal with Bepro. This demonstrates the real desire from the club to fulfil its ambitions, with the aid of cutting edge performance analysis technology.

“I believe in the importance of performance data and video in modern football. For this reason we decided to work with BEPRO, who demonstrated both an appreciation for what we are trying to achieve at FC Imabari and a platform that included everything we needed and more.”
Takeshi Okada - Chairman

Coaches and analysts from FC Imabari are taken through the BEPRO platform

Football Data and Automatic Cameras to Improve Performance 

With BEPRO, coaches and analysts are able to more effectively do their jobs. Through event data and video, they have the evidence they need to measure, understand and improve performances, both on player and team levels. The tools available to them through the BEPRO platform allow them to visualise and interact with this data and video, both whilst the match is unfolding and after the final whistle. Their entire workflow is made easier, whilst their ability to find insights is increased, thanks to BEPRO. Given the relatively small size of the club, it’s crucial that staff use their time efficiently.

An FC Imabari player heatmap in BEPRO

The club’s players are also empowered through BEPRO. Coaches and analysts are able to provide them with objective feedback, based on data and provide them with bespoke PDF reports. The players themselves are also able to proactively review their own video and data, on their own devices, whenever and wherever they happen to be.

The BEPRO Fixed Camera System at Imabari

We provide the club with the video and data they need to measure, understand and improve team and player performances. Every match is captured by our Fixed Camera System, which provides an interactive panoramic video feed covering every corner of the pitch. Artificial intelligence is applied to this footage to create the BEPRO Scouting Feed which automatically follows the action to ensure no moment is missed.

This same feed is used by the BEPRO analysis team to collect event data, in realtime, for the team’s matches. This provides an objective means of understanding what’s happened on the pitch. Each event is connected to video to add visual context.

“Although we are still quite a small club, we were keen to uncover more ways of finding an edge in order to defeat our opponents. BEPRO is helping us understand how our players follow our tactical instructions - we can see this in the data.”
Senior Coach

The panoramic video from the BEPRO Fixed Camera system

As FC Imabari push for promotion to J2, it is incredibly rewarding to witness how BEPRO is helping the club’s coaches, analysts and players improve performances and win on the pitch. We cannot wait to see their continued growth over coming seasons.


At BEPRO, we work to develop performance tools that make a real difference to clubs round the world. We bring together a real understanding of football, the ability to develop intuitive tools powered by advanced technology and a customer-focused approach to help teams measure, understand and improve performances.

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