Tórshavn, Faroe Islands and London, UK, 2nd September 2021. The Faroe Islands Football Association and football analysis provider, Bepro, are today announcing that they have entered a three-year agreement that sees Bepro become the Official Performance Analysis Provider to the nation’s national team.

Currently competing in World Cup 2022 qualifiers, the Faroe Islands played their first FIFA-recognised fixture against Iceland in 1988. Having consistently held a FIFA rank of around 100 over the last several years, the country’s association have invested in their footballing infrastructure in order to develop better coaches and players and ultimately improve performances on the pitch. Current Head Coach Håkan Ericson and his staff are a big part of this, having overseen the nation’s promotion to League C in the UEFA Nations League.

The island’s decision to bring in Bepro demonstrates the nation’s commitment to taking a modern, professional approach to its football. Through Bepro’s technology and platform, the national team will have access to high quality video and rich data to measure and understand performances.

Virgar Hvidbro, FSF General Secretary (Faroe Islands Federation): “As a passionate footballing nation, we have always put our all into producing performances to be proud of. Recently we have invested in our infrastructure to support the development of our coaches and players, with Bepro representing our latest investment. We are confident that their video and data will make a difference on the pitch.”

All those at the men’s national team will be able to watch their matches and training sessions, live or later, through the Bepro Fixed Camera System. This provides an interactive, panoramic view of the pitch as well as a fully automated scouting feed that offers a tactical view for matches.

Individual and team performances will be broken down in detail thanks to Bepro’s data. Event, positional and physical data will be provided, adding context to every moment of the match and bringing a deeper level of insight.

Áki Johansen, Faroe Islands Head of Video and Data Analysis: “I was impressed with Bepro as soon as I first saw it and believe it can help me as team analyst by giving me access to more information. They share our ambition and I can’t wait to start using their data.”

All this information is accessed through the Bepro platform, which works on the team’s existing devices. Here, data and video are interlinked to provide a vital visual reference to every statistic. Interactive visualisations and customisable PDF reports also bring data to life. Through the Bepro Messenger, video and tactical comments can be shared across the entire team easily and securely.

Luis Kang, CEO and Founder of Bepro said: “It’s very exciting to work with the Faroe Islands on their ongoing football project. We really believe that video and data can make a difference to all those in football and are proud that an ambitious team fighting to play in the world’s biggest international tournaments has selected us as their Official Performance Analysis Provider.”

Hakan Ericson
Håkan Ericson, Faroe Islands Head Coach said: “I’m interested in anything that can help me understand and improve our performances and results. Every moment spent with the team provides an opportunity to make a positive impact. Through Bepro we will be able to see our training sessions and matches, as they happen, better than ever before and be able to access a wide range of data. When I got the offer to be coach for the Faroe Islands National Team, my first thought was that we have to find other measuring instruments than the results. It is of course important for every team, but especially for a small football nation. Bepro gives me as a coach a big opportunity to evaluate our performance in every detail.”

Magni Mohr, Faroe Islands Head of Performance : “The deal with Bepro is good for all of us here, it will give us access to more data and video. Given my role I’m particularly interested in the physical data Bepro will provide, I am looking forward to using it in our workflow to achieve better performances.”
Match Summary in Bepro from the Faroe Islands recent victory over Liechtenstein


Bepro was founded in South Korea in 2015 and is backed by the likes of Altos Ventures, Korean Telecom and Softbank. Since then the business has grown rapidly and today has offices around the world. The analysis business already works with over 700 football teams globally, helping them to measure, understand and improve performances.