We’ve introduced a new feature, Dynamic Graphic, to our Editor which allows you to telestrate on footage in a more advanced way. Please note that "Add Note" feature is now renamed as "Add Static Graphic" after this update.

You can now add drawings that are shown for a period of time during a clip, not just for a single moment. You can also add a data table to the bottom right corner of the clip which shows player stats of your choice.

If you are using Bepro’s optical tracking package, you can put automated tracking visuals like spotlights, lines and even distances between players for matches that we ran optical tracking. If you are not an optical tracking customer, please get in touch with us by filling out our contact form.

Clips are of course sharable through messenger and library, and also downloadable including all the dynamic graphics you added to the clips.

Check out a short tutorial video below to see how it is working: