Football has its own language and at BEPRO, we speak it fluently. Our data analysts are experts in the specific terminology used within the professional footballing world - each one is trained to interpret and translate what’s happening on the pitch into individual events and actions, which becomes the football data used by BEPRO clients around the world.

To date, we have analysed over 33,000 football matches from 46 countries, collecting 21,022,664 successful passes, 821,009 shots and millions of other events.

Strict Event Data Definitions 

We focus on collecting football data you can trust. Without reliable data, player and team performances cannot be easily compared. We understand the importance of being able to compare passes to passes, interceptions to interceptions and players to players. Inaccurate and inconsistent data makes this difficult.

We use strict definitions for each of the 38 events we collect, based on those used by FIFA. Importantly, we are also clear about what each event is not. It is near impossible to remove all subjectivity from event analysis in football, but we work hard to keep everything as objective as possible.

For example…

When two outfield players (one from each team) and a goalkeeper contest a ball in the air…

1. If the goalkeeper wins the ball then the 'Aerial Clearance Succeeded' event is given to the goalkeeper and the 'Aerial Duel' event is not given to either of the outfield players.

2. If one of the outfield players wins the ball, the 'Aerial Duel Succeeded' event is given to the outfield player who wins the ball, 'Aerial Duel Failed' is given to the outfield player who does not win the ball and 'Aerial Clearance Failed' event is given to the goalkeeper.

3. If neither the goalkeeper nor either outfield player wins the ball, then the goalkeeper is given the 'Aerial Clearance Failed' event and no events are given to the outfield players.
A corner could lead to a confusing situation where clear event definitions are vital

Expert Football Data Analysts

Until computers can be trusted with automated event analysis, having a team of skilled football analysts is critical to data accuracy. Other data providers claim to have accurate data that’s collected by ‘experts’, but we can actually substantiate our claims thanks to our accreditation process.

Each of our analyst recruits goes through an intensive training program lasting two months, after which they must pass two consecutive tests to gain their Junior Analyst certification. If they fail the second test, they must retake the first. It’s only at this point that they can analyse a match for a BEPRO client team. It takes eight months on average for someone to complete this process!

The badges of Junior (silver) and Senior (gold) BEPRO Analysts

After analysing 100 games, a Junior Analyst can take a second test to become a Senior Analyst. However if they fail, they must analyse another 50 matches before being able to retake this test. It typically takes a further year for an individual to graduate from a Junior to Senior Analyst.

Completing the process is a significant achievement with our course being uniquely recognised by the Korean Government as a federal licence.

I used to be up all night training to be a BEPRO analyst. Even if I thought “This time, it was perfect”, I had to review my mistakes from the senior analyst’s feedback. Now I can say that “I can analyse perfectly”. MinSeong Lee, Senior BEPRO Analyst

Each of our analysts takes great pride in their job, not everyone can become a BEPRO analyst! As crucial as our definitions and analysis process is, it is the dedication that our analysts put into each and every match they work on that sets them and therefore the data we collect apart from other football data providers.

Our Football Match Analysis Process

For each match we have one analyst focused on the home team and another on the away team. Both analysts perform their own review after the game before a Senior Analyst makes a final check. This Senior Analyst will also be providing live feedback as analysis takes place.

This tried and tested model ensures data is collected at speed whilst offering maximum accuracy - critical for those receiving our data in realtime.

See more about our analysis process in the below video,

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At BEPRO, we work to develop performance tools that make a real difference to clubs around the world. We combine a real understanding of sport and ability to develop new technology to help teams measure, understand and improve performances. Get in touch with us here to find out how we can help you.

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