We are proud and pleased to announce that Bepro has gained FIFA’s Quality Certification for our portable camera, Cerberus, following the previous news that our fixed camera system also gained the same FIFA Quality Certification.

Specifically, we have achieved the FIFA Quality Certification under the Electronic Performance & Tracking Systems category, as a post-match optical system (as you can see here on the FIFA website). Cerberus is the first portable system to gain this certification.

Both camera systems performed very well throughout the test. Our test ratings were ‘well-above industry standard’ for both positional and velocity-based metrics, indicated by the heavy amount of green in the report results. You can see the reports for yourself on the FIFA website.

Cerberus Test Results
Fixed Cam Test Results

During the test, which took place in Cádiz CF’s football stadium, a number of different scenarios were set up to test the accuracy of the positional and physical data provided by optical tracking systems. A group of footballers participated in different drills and matches, with data being collected from these activities which was then compared with a ‘ground truth’ dataset to provide a final result. These are what can be seen in the official FIFA reports.

One of the tests as seen in the Bepro platform

The most recent test event, which took place early this summer in Spain, was the second we participated in, having first gained FIFA certification for our fixed camera system following a test event that took place in the summer of 2021. It’s very rewarding to see both another successful (and improved) result for our fixed solution and a pass at the first attempt for Cerberus! Being able to consistently prove the quality of our camera systems is important to us and demonstrates the hard work that our technology team put in every day to support our users around the world.

Cerberus in place at Cádiz's stadium

This has been a long process. Nearly two years ago - when official FIFA tests were not possible due to COVID - we ran our own test, following the official structure, to gather results and prepare for when FIFA tests opened up again. You can see a video from that test here (this also gives you a good overview of what happens during a ‘real’ test). We will keep developing our camera technology so that it can offer as much as possible to our users around the world.

Cerberus is the first portable system to gain this FIFA certification

Since running our own test we’ve come a long way, most notably with Cerberus, which is the first truly portable camera that offers tracking data, a live tactical feed and full panoramic video of the field of play. As well as this we have also made developments behind the scenes to improve our automated tactical feed (link to blog post), boost video quality and speed up our tracking data delivery process.

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