On the evening of Saturday 6th May 2023, two goals from Rodrygo secured a 2-1 win for Real Madrid over surprise finalists Osasuna to secure their 20th Copa Del Rey

Members of the BEPRO Team at the final

To help both teams understand what was happening during this huge match, BEPRO provided tactical video, event data and tracking data.

But how did we do this, what did this give the clubs and how does this help them? Below we breakdown everything down in more detail.

Before the Match - Preparation

In the days before the match our specialists installed a BEPRO Fixed Camera System at Estadio de La Cartuja in Seville. Positioned high in the stadium and aligned with the halfway line, the system is able to provide a full panoramic view of the pitch, perfect for reviewing tactics both during and after the game.

The BEPRO Fixed Camera System in the stadium

Just before kick off our analysis team also started their work, setting up the teams in the BEPRO Analysis Tool and familiarising themselves with the lineups.

Testing the live feed from the bench

During the Match - Live Tactical Video and Event Data

As the whistle blew to start the game, our camera system came to life, capturing everything happening on the pitch and providing a live tactical feed that followed the match action (not just the ball). This live feed was used by both Real Madrid and Osasuna’s coaching teams in the stadium, with the latter also cutting and sharing clips with BEPRO as part of their live analysis workflow. For Real Madrid the camera feed was also integrated with Sportscode. Other analysts, including those from the Spanish federation, were also able to access the camera footage remotely.

Supporting the Real Madrid analysis team at the stadium - the live BEPRO feed worked with Sportscode

Meanwhile the BEPRO analysis team worked to analyse the match, live, using our bespoke software to provide event data for every on-ball action. This data was delivered to both teams and the Spanish football federation, through BEPRO, to provide insights on team and player performances that could otherwise be missed. See more about our event analysis service here.

A BEPRO analyst collecting live data for one of the teams and the data updating live at the final

Both video and data informed the team’s halftime team talks, as Osasuna looked to overturn a 1-0 deficit and Real Madrid looked to build on their lead.

After the Match - Tracking Data and Detailed Reports

As the final whistle was blown to confirm Real Madrid’s victory, the teams and federation were able to immediately review the match video and data in detail through BEPRO. 

Tracking data was then generated from the match video through our collection process. This involved calculating each player’s position 25 times a second to collect both positional and physical data. Once complete data was brought to life through interactive video player integration, as well as provided as raw data to both teams. Find out more about our Optical Tracking service here.

Tracking the players in the match video

RFEF, the Spanish football federation also used our detailed match report to create their own match summary on their website! The report gave them the ability to share insights with fans, from average player positions, passing relationships between players and possession areas.

Our match report informed RFEF's match review on their website

A Special Guest - BEPRO’s Portable Camera, Cerberus

Alongside our Fixed Camera System we captured the match with our smart portable camera, Cerberus. This gave us another fantastic testing opportunity at one of the biggest matches in European football.

CERBERUS at the match

Providing a First Class Service for the Highest Level of Football

We are incredibly proud to have been part of such a big sporting occasion and are thankful for the trust shown in us by Real Madrid, Osasuna and the Spanish FA (RFEF). 

If you’re looking to get quality video and detailed data for your own team or competition, why not get in touch with our expert team today? 

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