We welcome our latest North American side, Albion San Diego, to the Bepro family.

With their men’s first team competing in their first season in NISA (National Independent Soccer Association), the Southern Californian team are looking to professionalise their setup by bringing in Bepro. NISA represents the third level of soccer in the US and the club is determined to adapt quickly to their new league by using video and data more extensively. .

The club is one of only a small number of ‘full pyramid’ sides in the US. This means they have a fully professional team at the top of the organisation, then a high performance development club, a full club academy and juniors program and finally multiple community programs at the base. Thousands of players have come through their program, including Costa Rican international Ariel Lassiter, who currently plays for MLS side Inter Miami.

Albion have taken the Bepro Basic Package, which will provide them with a library and secure Messenger (Bepro Space) and an intuitive video analysis tool (Bepro Editor). Beginning with their NISA first team, this will allow staff members to organise and breakdown match footage, creating short digestible clips which can also be annotated to provide further visual guidance to aid player development.

Andre Schmid

"As we started compete at a higher level in NISA for the first time, we wanted to take video analysis more seriously. Bepro made sense for us since it provides everything whilst meeting our budget needs."
Andre Schmid, VP of Soccer


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